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Note: There are no paid staff for Project Legacy. All are unpaid volunteers who not only donate their time, but frequently donate their money as well.

Our Board of Directors

Kay Wilson Kay Wilson - Citrus Cardiology - President
M. Kay Wilson, SPHR, SHRM-SPC is the Chief Operating Office for Citrus Cardiology Consultants, PA, a seven-city practice with a 35 year history of serving patients in Central Florida.  She started as the HR Director in 2009 and moved into her current role in 2012.  An HR practitioner for over 25 years, she has served on national, state and local-level organizational boards.  She believes that strength comes from education, experience, and engagement, and that volunteering is not only a privilege, but an obligation.  “We all have something to share, and if we can be the example for others, we set the stage for them to do the same down the road.”  Kay shares her passion for reading with her teenage son, enjoys gourmet cooking, and thinks that coffee should be a food group of its own!


Karen Mercer Karen Mercer – Parady Life & Annuity - Secretary
Karen is an energetic and happy person who loves people!  She strives to help improve the lives of others in our community.  Karen is the Community Outreach Coordinator at Parady Life & Annuity in The Villages which provides her the perfect platform and resources to fulfill her passion of serving others!  When she was asked to help "birth" Project Legacy in 2008 by Pastor Sidney Brock, Karen immediately accepted and has played an active role ever since. 

Karen earned her degree in Marketing at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where she was also born and raised. She and her family have lived in Florida since 1990.  She has two children and two beautiful grandchildren! 


Barb Reynolds Barb Reynolds - Reynolds Computer Solutions - Treasurer
Barb was born in Farnborough in England and emigrated with her family to Rhodesia at the age of 9. Later she moved to South Africa where she became an executive specializing in credit cards with a national bank. She later moved to the US with her current husband and established herself as a computer consultant. She currently is a partner in a local business helping seniors learn about their computers.


Sidney Brock Pastor Sidney Brock - Heritage Community Church
Sidney was raised on a farm near Hilliard, Florida and felt the call to serve The Lord at an early age. He has dedicated his life to serving the spiritual needs of young people. He currently serves as Head Pastor of the Heritage Community Church in Wildwood. He is married to his wife Merideth and has three children.


Jeremy Reynolds Jeremy Reynolds - Reynolds Computer Solutions - Webmaster
Jeremy was born in Washington, DC. He has a BA in Economics from George Washington University and spent his entire career as a computer programmer and systems analyst. The last 30 years he has been an independent consultant in international banking, having worked in five countries in Europe as well as South Africa and the United States. He is married to his wife Barbara and between them, they have seven children and sixteen grandchildren.


Jeff Gower Jeff Gower - Edward Jones Investments
Considering that his job involves working with people and computers, it is amazing to realize that Jeff really loves the outdoors. Growing up in Quincy, IL on the Mississippi River, his father taught him and his brother Steve how to hunt and fish while his mother then taught them how to prepare it for the table. In the family's spare time, they were all enjoying golf together! Jeff earned his BS degree in Business Management @ Bradley University and after spending 27 years serving clients in the crane and heavy lifting equipment. industry; Jeff now runs his Edward Jones office from the Baylee Plaza in Summerfield. He has lived here since 2006 and is also very active in Rotary.

Melvin Davison Melvin Davison - Heritage Community Church
Melvin was born in New York City and is currently the Student Pastor at Heritage Community Church. He was called into ministry and has served in that capacity as both a Worship Pastor and Student Pastor. He has dedicated his life to serving people and loving on them. He is married to his wife Dawn and has four children.