It has been said in times past that it takes a village to raise a child. Imagine the potential of a community who partnered up together to impact the future lives of those children. Can you imagine what lives might be touched or futures altered if we intentionally worked together?

Project Legacy helps create awareness within our community that leads to a heart of generosity as well as creating an environment of teamwork where every person is valued.

The Project Legacy team is passionate about discovering ongoing needs that face the children and youth of our community. We are committed to networking community resources to help meet those needs.

The Goal:

To secure finances and other resources that will assist in meeting the needs of various ongoing community projects which will benefit our children and youth.

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Our Story:

Project Legacy was formed in 2009 by a group of individuals who saw a need to help children participate in local sports activities in the Lady Lake community. These individuals encountered many families who had children who wanted to participate but could not afford the fee’s and equipment due to the downturn in the economy. Through generous donations and collections, this group was able to provide scholarships to help address the needs while working together to make a difference to keep these valuable community programs alive and keep kids involved. Since then, Project Legacy has expanded its reach within the Tri-County area. Today, Project Legacy has funded over $100K through ongoing fundraising efforts and by the generosity of local organizations and clubs. Project Legacy seeks and partners with area groups to provide assistance when and where needed.

Project Legacy Board of Directors

Jeff Gower, Vice President
Jeff Gower, Vice PresidentFinancial Advisor, Edward Jones Financial Services
Karen Mercer, Secretary
Karen Mercer, SecretaryRealtor, Carlino Real Estate Group
Melanie Melvin, Treasurer
Melanie Melvin, Treasurer Director of Marketing & PR, Akers Media Group
Sidney Brock, Board Member
Sidney Brock, Board MemberSenior Pastor, Heritage Community Church
Mike Stegall, Board Member
Mike Stegall, Board MemberRetired
Michael Hux, Board Member
Michael Hux, Board MemberYouth Pastor, Heritage Community Church


Partnering to impact future generations by creating awareness

of needs that leads to generosity.

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